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What is a Storm Observer?

A Storm Observer is someone who enjoys the thrill of converting volume into revenue.


Target and optimize offers and apps by location. If a visitor's device location changes while viewing a locker, the offers/apps will automatically repopulate.


We target offers and apps by device operating systems and operating system versions. This keeps advertisers happy and less click loss for affiliates.


Live (Real Time) EPC Optimization code automatically populates and replaces offers and apps in lockers, even for active visitors. This will continue to produce higher payouts.


Live (Real Time) cap control code automatically removes and replaces capped, paused, and expired offers in lockers. This prevents dead clicks to produce higher affiliate payouts.


Mulilingual text to speech with voice and volume control allows for audible offer completion assistance. Currently works on everything but iOS.


Everything is live. Meaning if you make a change to a locker, the update will populate even for active viewers. The same logic applies to offers.

Live Offer Population

Live (Real Time) offer population code automatically removes and replaces capped, paused, and expired offers in lockers. New or EPC optimized offers are automatically populated to override less efficient ones. The changes apply even to active visitors.

EPC Optimized offers are populated initially, repopulated on an interval, and automatically replace less efficient, completed, capped, or paused offers.

Capped or paused offers are removed live to prevent dead clicks and maintain targeting. Other systems handle these scenarious by redirecting to a "random" offer, which kills targeting and reduces the chance of a conversion. Not on the Storm Observers platform.

In the case all offers are capped, lockers instruct visitors to wait, and offers automatically populate when available. While this is a rare case, having a fallback prevents loss.

Lockers supporting multiple conversions will automatically remove completed offers from view - instantly replacing them with a different one. This helps increase payouts and keeps advertisers happy.

Live Locker

Settings, Conversions Required, Colors, Fonts, Custom CSS, Title, Information, Custom HTML and more.
Make a change and it populates live, even for active visitors.

Storm Observers Live Locker Settings